Our team of innovators came together in 2009. Headquartered in San Francisco with a branch office in Ukraine, we took advantage of both areas of tech industries to attract top level talent to create faster and more user-friendly software for our customers. We originally focused on the development of advertising and payment platforms.

As we grew, we worked with leading technology companies. Working with clients and partners like Apple, Amazon and Google was a stimulating experience and motivated us to expand our capabilities.

In 2016 ETEAM joined the Brainware family. We take pride on how our experience and tech expertise ensures success for all our partners. Together, we are in a unique position to provide a full spectrum of outsourcing services to our clients.

  • Sergii Shanin Product Manager
  • Leonid Sobolievskyi Full Stack Engineer
  • Jon Gillon Co-founder
  • Valentyn Barmashyn Front-end Engineer
  • Pavel Gorbokon Full Stack Engineer
  • Andrii Sytnyk Full Stack Engineer
  • Ievgen Martseniuk Product Manager
  • Dmitry Lutsko Full Stack Engineer
  • Victor Berbel UI/UX Designer
  • Vasiliy Gamov Front-end Engineer
  • Maksym Golovnia Full Stack Engineer
  • Oleksii Usikov QA Engineer
  • Victor Grytsai QA Engineer
  • Alexander Menzheres Full Stack Engineer
  • Andrii Buschuk DevOps Engineer
  • Ivan Drach Front-end Engineer


ETEAM is headquarted in California, the worldwide center of high-tech innovation. Our location allows us to attract leading IT innovators who want to be at the center of technological advancement and development.
Our presence in California enables ETEAM leaders to network with world-class innovators and entrepreneurs that continue to inspire us to continue to create and innovate.


To position ETEAM as a global leading IT Team, we established a branch office in Kiev, Ukraine. The IT sector contributed $2.5Billion – with a B! – to the local economy in 2015 and Ukraine’s tech industry impressive growth continues to attract world-class IT talent. The IT industry is transforming Ukraine’s economy. Our innovators are as excited to be part of this transformation as they are about their next project.